Backwater Valve Installation

Backwater-Back-Water Valve installation to stop sewer backups into your Basement

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Install a backwater valve (see diagram below) on your sanitary to prevent water from backing up into your basement. Backwater valves need to be installed properly and regularly inspected and maintained. Toronto offers a subsidy of up to $3400 for these backwater installations but visit their site to apply . We are licenced and install these devices by finding your house cleanout of the existing sanitary sewer or where your plumbing exits the home (usually front part of home) -we then break the concrete in the area to give us room to cut into the existing plumbing and install the backwater valve-we have to cut into cast iron or pvc piping depending on when your home was built and each can be problematic- we have special training and tools to accomplish the backwater valve installation- we then re-cement the floor area so that the cleanout is accessible- we usually take out the existing cleanout and replace it with the backwater valve that includes a cleanout 

Important: Backwater valves are designed to close the sewer line and prevent water from entering your home. When the valve is closed you should not use any plumbing fixtures, such as toilet, sink, dishwasher, washing machine, etc., because water will not drain through the sanitary line and will backup into your home.


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  • Install a properly-sized sump pump,  to help pump out water collected by the weeping tile system to an area outside. Make sure the sump pump empties onto a permeable surface at least 2 meters from the foundation wall. Sump pumps can lose power during severe storms, so you may wish to consider a battery back-up. 
  • Backwater valves and sump pumps need to be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure optimal performance -they are mechanical devices.
  • Maintenance

    Backwater valves are mechanical devices sitting in a sewage environment, and regular inspections are required. To ensure the satisfactory performance of the backwater valve follow the procedures listed below.

    1. Remove the cleanout plug on the top of the valve and do a visual inspection.

    2. Take a flashlight or trouble light to properly see inside the valve body.

    3. Inspect for debris build-up on the body, gate and beneath the gate.

    4. If debris build-up is found flush clean.

    5. Inspect o-ring and replace if necessary.  The valve’s gate seals against

        an o-ring on the body ( in the closed position).

    6. Ensure gate freely moves up and down.

    7. Reinstall cleanout plug.

    On models fitted with closed cell polyethylene floats, check the condition of floats and replace as necessary. * Note: these floats are located on both sides of the gate and are protected from sewage contamination by the sidewalls of the gate and body (long-life cycle, impervious to sewage). CSA certified floats.

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