Wet Basement Repair-Inside

Water in Basement-Wet Basement Repair from the inside using an Internal weeping tile system or French Drain and Sump Pump

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An internal Weeping tile system Installation for a wet basement or water in basement or sometimes also called a French Drain is needed for a wet basement- we do this regularly- The floor is broken and concrete trench is made around the perimeter of the basement of its main sections where there is a wet basement-flooding basement issue-A weeping tile is put into this trench and stone-and membrane are also added to the trench-A weeping tile is a perforated pipe that runs around the perimeter of your foundation or inside perimeter of your basement in this case to intercept groundwater. The weeping tile gives the groundwater a place to go-then it weeps water to a sump pit with a working sump pump.

internal weeping system-kitchener-waterloo

We do installations of a properly-sized sump pump,  to help pump out water collected by the weeping tile system to an area outside. Make sure the sump pump empties onto a permeable surface at least 2 meters from the foundation wall. Sump pumps can lose power during severe storms, so you may wish to consider a battery back-up. 

sump pump kitchener waterloo

  • sump pumps need to be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure optimal performance-they are a mechanical device.

There are a number of reasons why basements flood. Flooding can occur:

  •  When stormwater or ground water seeps into the home (drainage failure):
      • crack or leak in your home’s foundation, basement walls, or basement windows or door-we do crack injections for this.
      • Poor lot grading or drainage
      • Failure of the weeping tile system (foundation drains) or none at all (building code did not require them in the past for some homes)
      • Failure of a sump pump (in some homes) used to pump weeping tile water- or no sump pump or weeping tile system- we install these-internal weeping tile system is the answer
      • Overflowing eavestroughs
      • Leaking or plugged downspouts
  • From a sewer backup:
      • When waste water from the sanitary system or a combination of waste water and stormwater from the combined sewer system back up into the property, usually through fixtures tied to the sanitary sewer lateral, including the floor drain, toilets, sinks, showers and laundry fixtures located in the basement.
      • A sewer backup can result from a blocked connection between your home and the main sewer in the street, a sewer main backup or when the sewer system becomes overwhelmed with stormwater.

Get a backwater valve installed– for sewer back ups from the drain to the city sewer.

Find out if you have a backwater valve or sump pump, and if so, how to maintain them. Understand what is needed to keep a sump pump operational during power outages.

Find out if you have weeping tiles and if so, their condition and where they are connected.

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